Parish Ministries

We would love to welcome you to our family. We are always activiely seeking volunteers to help in and around the church. It is a great way to meet new people and share our own stories while giving back to the church. We welcome volunteers in all ministries. If there is something that you would like to help with, just ask!


Our servers assist with the liturgy as Crucifers, acolytes and at the Altar. Young and old alike are welcome to join the Servers Guild.

Altar Guild

A dedicated group that prepares the linens, altar cloths, hangings, holy hardware, etc. for all services. They are the church beautifiers.

Anglican Women (AW)

These ladies are the backbone of our church family. Many projects are initiated and completed by this dedicated group of ladies. Special projects such as Meat Pie making and catering are their forté.

Lay Readers

Assist with the liturgy of the Word, Prayers of the People and act as Communion assistants. Lay Readers take a course and are licensed by the Bishop.

Ways & Means Committee

These folks organize fund raising activities for the church such as Soup and Sandwich luncheons, etc.

Lay Administrators of Holy Communion, Holy Communion in Nursing Homes, Institutions, Hospitals and/or at-home

This group of members will deliver and assist in administrating The Holy Communion to those who are not able to attend services in-person. These duties will take you beyond the church walls and be of compassionate service to our fellow members. 

I Would Like To Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer or contribute in some way to Old St. Paul’s Anglican Church, please reach out to us!